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Meet Michael


Michael Shiu has been engaged in media work for more than 25 years. Before immigrating to Canada, he worked for Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Ltd. (TVB) and was responsible for writing variety show scripts. Michael immigrated to Canada in the 1990s but could not work in media immediately as he wished. Instead, he started working as a telephone surveyor at night and had to work until midnight. By taking public transportation to work under snow and wind, Michael deeply realized that the life of a new immigrant is challengeable.


Afterwards, he was able to return to work in the media, take journalism courses, and worked as a TV and radio journalist for over 15 years. During this period, with a serious and tireless work attitude, he gradually became a familiar face and a trusted voice to the public. He has made connections in the community through countless interviews with politicians and community leaders. With his experience as a journalist, Michael informed the public about current affairs at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels that may affect them day by day. As an ethical and experienced journalist, Michael is a well-trained communicator that would be an effective and efficient media between the City of Richmond Council and constituents.


In addition, Michael Shiu worked in a Member of Provincial Parliament’s constituency office for Richmond Hill and as Public Relations and Outreach Manager at Mon Sheong Foundation. What he has learned from the above working experiences offers me a more comprehensive picture of how behind the scenes works and how to twist connecting parties’ arms to resolve the situation, such as fundraising and handling complaints from the public. Michael definitely realizes that listening is a critical factor in communication. Knowledge is the backbone of acting. Passion is the motivation to serve the community.


  • A Journalist with over 15 Years' experience

  • Worked in MPP's Constituency Office for Richmond Hill

  • Worked in Mon Sheong Foundation as Public Relations and Outreach Manager

Having deeply felt the difficulties of new immigrants starting a new life in our beloved country, he has actively participated in various volunteer activities in his spare time over the years, including visits to long-term care homes, Lions club charity fundraising events, alumni association recreational activities, as well as cultural and art activities.


S - Serve with Heart

H - Humble and Listen

I -  Integrity and Communicative

U - Uplifted and Energetic


  • President of Hong Kong Joint Universities Alumni Association (Ontario) (2020-2022)

  • President of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Eastern Canada) Association (2019-2022)

  • Founding President of the Canadian Cantonese Cultural Association

  • Director of Canada-HK New Horizon Lions Club (2017-2019)

  • Director of the Canadian Sinfonietta

  • Director of Toronto Chinese Writers Association






  • 從事新聞工作達15年

  • 曾任職安省省議員烈治文山選區辦公室

  • 曾任孟嘗會公關及外展經理







  • 安省香港專上校友會聯會主席 (2020-2022) 

  • 香港理工大學(加拿大東)員生會主席 (2019-2022)

  • 加拿大粵藝文化協會創會會長

  • 加港新里程獅子會董事 (2017-2019)

  • 加拿大小交響樂團董事

  • 多倫多華人作家協會董事 

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